ASA is owned and operated by Jo and Dave Davoudlarian. Dave is a school counselor and Jo has done/is doing a little bit of everything. They also have three awesome daughters whom Jo is trying to keep educated during this pandemic.

For this reason, ASA's hours are limited to Tues/Thurs in the late afternoon/early evening, Wed 12-4, and Friday/Saturday 12 pm - 5 pm.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the limited hours, however, we figure that a small, part-time, regional pet store is better than no pet store at all (the next closest pet stores are in Pueblo and Santa Fe).



Not surprisingly, Jo could not find a family photo with her in it.

These folks are very friendly and super knowledgeable! The prices are reasonable and all the animals and cages were pristine. Thanks so much!

This small pet shop is amazing, we have a few different pets from there & we love them so much. Kevin and Autumn are so helpful. Thanks for opening up this pet shop.