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ASA is owned and operated by Jo and Dave Davoudlarian. Dave is a school counselor and Jo has done/is doing a little bit of everything. We have three awesome kids, Quinn, Raicheal and Jade, who also help out at the store.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by our limited hours. We are a small family-run business. However, we figure that a small, part-time, regional pet store is better than no pet store at all (the next closest pet stores are in Pueblo and Santa Fe). We work hard to find a balance for our family and your pet care needs.


"Absolutely wonderful service every time. We always look forward to visiting and always have what we need for our reptiles. Dave and his family are the best!" -JH



Quinn-Animal Specialist 

                Assistant Buyer

These folks are very friendly and super knowledgeable! The prices are reasonable and all the animals and cages were pristine. Thanks so much!

"Jo is knowledgeable and has no problem answering any questions. Shop is clean and animals well cared for." - Heidi

Love this place! We got our bearded dragon from them. They've been kind, caring, and knowledgeable.-Casey


Raicheal-Queen of Everything

Jade- Customer Service

              Assistant Manager

              (photo coming soon)

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