Question:  Does ASA carry live feeder rodents such as mice & rats?

Answer: No. ASA only carries frozen mice as feeders.


Question:  Does ASA carry turtles, tortoises, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, mice, cockatiels, finches, parrotlets, goldfish, or any other animal not listed on this website?

Answer: No. Because of very limited space, ASA can only carry a limited variety of animal species. If the animal is not listed on this website, ASA does NOT carry it.


Question:  Why doesn't the store sell a wider variety of small animals?

Answer:  ASA's store is only 190 square feet! Our mission is to provide a limited, beginner-level variety of small animals as pets, primarily for kids and amateur hobbyists.  For a wider variety of intermediate and advanced small animals, please visit the regional pet stores in Pueblo and Santa Fe.


Question:  Why does the store have limited days and hours?

Answer: ASA is a part-time "hobby" store owned.  The owners figure the inconvenience of part-time hours is better than the inconvenience of driving to Pueblo or Santa Fe (the next closest pet stores to the San Luis Valley).


Question:  Why are the store's prices higher than Walmart, PetCo, and PetSmart?

Answer: ASA provides small animals and their supplies at as low prices as possible.  Prices are based on costs to bring the animals and supplies to Alamosa.  

Many items available at ASA are also available online through Amazon, at WalMart, or at larger pet stores in Pueblo or Santa Fe. In many cases, the items ASA sells are available through other sources less expensively.  ASA encourages customers to obtain their needs from wherever it is they prefer.  It is ASA's hope that what it can't provide in cheapest prices, it can make up for in availability, healthy animals, and high quality merchandise.


Question:  Is ASA hiring?

Answer: No, at this time we are not looking for employees.  Our store is owner-operated.



Monday 11 AM - 3PM

Tuesday 6 PM - 8 PM

Wednesday 11 AM-3 PM

Thursday 6 PM - 8 PM

Saturday 10 AM - 4 PM


529 Main Street Ste 4

Alamosa, CO 81101

Tel: 719-422-3393